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Meal Prep Long Island NY

Meal prep dishes that were delivered and enjoyed.

Some of the meals that we served this week.

We specialize in meal prep.

Order customized meals using our online ordering system for pickup or delivery.

All meals are made fresh everyday and delivered to your door daily.

AAYNC specializes in on-the-go nutrition. We currently service long island in Nassau and Suffolk County. You can order customized meals using our online ordering system and pickup your food in 30 minutes, or subscribe to our full service meal subscription plan – which means you can get all of your meals made fresh and delivered to your home everyday. All About You Nutritional Chefs prepares your meals fresh everyday.

Ordering online for pickup is very simple – you pick your protein, carb, and vegetable. In 30 minutes, your order will be ready for pickup at our store.

Our meal delivery subscription service has many advantages – including discounted pricing, daily delivery to your home, and more. The meal subscription service offers a variety of delicious healthy food, improved nutritional health, and weight management.

Our chefs are culinary school educated and provide nothing but the best service, quality, and performance in their food preparation and execution. We only send out the best to our valued customers.

What is meal prep?

Meal prep simply means meal preparation. We prepare and deliver all of your meals right to your door, everyday. All of our meals are made fresh daily and then delivered right to you. Our menu changes daily as well which means you will enjoy a huge variety of food so that you never get bored.

How does the meal subscription service work?

It’s simple. First, you select how many meals per day you’d like and then you select how many days per week you’d like to have the meals delivered.

The meals you receive will be for the following day. Because we prepare your meals fresh everyday, our delivery trucks leave the store at around 4PM. Your food will arrive at your house in our branded food cooler, with ice packs, so that everything stays fresh. You will receive a text message as soon as your delivery arrives. Simply refrigerate your delivery and you now have food for the next day.

Who can benefit from the services AAYNC provides?

We here at All About You Nutritional Chefs have many different types of clients that subscribe for many different reasons. We have helped:

  • Clients with serious medical problems
  • Individuals who are too busy or don’t want to cook
  • Athletes and bodybuilders
  • People who want to manage their weight
  • Clients who desire meal prep delivery
  • And many, many more

We provide a huge selection and variety of meal options ranging from Asian style cuisine, Italian delicacies, and new American cuisine. Every meal can be customized. No matter how many meals and how many days per week you need, we here at AAYNC can do it all. We are the #1 meal prep company in Long Island, NY.

What services does All About You Nutritional Chefs offer?

AAYNC offers many different services. We are a family owned and operated company, and we view our clients as family too. When you’re with us, you can count on us taking care of you. We pride ourselves in having the best customer service in the meal prep delivery business. We’re in the health and fitness industry and specialize in on-the-go nutrition. We’re the #1 company that services Long Island, NY and are currently expanding to Manhattan, New York. We currently have trucks that deliver daily in both Nassau and Suffolk county. The food and meals we deliver are outstanding. Results are guaranteed – all you have to do is eat our food in order to achieve your goals.